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Odu initiative 

A path to increase Black representativeness in science
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about ODU

Odu is a word that means "destiny" or "path" in the Yoruba language. Some traditions recognize 256 Odus of which one is destined for you. 

This tale has inspired us to recognize that not all paths are easily accessible for Black students. This is especially the case for careers in  STEM fields. 

Often, Black students are pushed away from STEM paths driven by the sense of not belonging. This perception is fuelled by microaggressions, tokenism and other manifestations of systemic racism in academia that isolate Black students .

At Odu we provide peer support and role models to inspire Black student to walk the path of science.

We understand that other racial minority groups also struggle in academia and we are here for you as well. We speak multiple languages! 

English subtitles available through Youtube 

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Discussing diversity in science

The pieces in this section are not necessarily produced by Odu mentors 
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Dr. Swanne Gordon

 The importance of diversity in nature and academia 


Dr. Piatã Marques

Navigating biological invasion and structural racism in urban systems

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Dr. Arildo Dias

Mental health issues in academia can have structural causes

Walk the path of science with Odu

Odu is working for diversity in science

By empowering young scientist


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